Burnout 11/7 8pm

A Californian firelog company has a huge crisis on their hands. Their old homemade shredder caught on fire, completely shutting down the plant. No product? No customers. No company. The Mega Shredders Team has to build a new shredder in just two days, the shortest deadline they’ve ever dealt with. This is going to be a trial by fire. Meanwhile, Chris and Jon are destroying boats at Mega Shredders headquarters: canoes, big skills, sailboats – if it floats on water, they’re shredding it.

Tsunami Shred 11/7 8:30pm

Lee, Bob, and Rich are working on the shredding problem of the century. In 2011, a tsunami devastated Japan. Now, the boys need to build a machine that can shred a whole city - anything from fishing boats to houses, from motorbikes to cars, and from concrete to metal. But more than just that, the shredder also needs to keep running for twenty years straight without wearing out if the guys are ever going to shred Japan out of its nightmare. Back in Portland, Chris and Jon are shredding a whole Volkswagen Bug, and the little car is tougher than it looks.

Shred Pit Crew 11/14 8pm

In New Jersey, a shred plant is overflowing with Hurricane Sandy fallout – everything from building material to rollercoaster rides and pinball machines. The company has doubled their usual 2.5 tons a day of shredding to meet the demand, causing some serious issues for the shredder. Auguie arrives to assess the damage – the machine’s going to need all new parts. But with the facility running twenty-four hours a day, six days a week, he has a small window of opportunity to bring the pit crew in and get the job done. Back in Portland, it’s time for a revenge shred. Jon was supposed to fix Chris’ tool cabinet, but he’s shred it instead! This starts an all out shred war, and they start destroying everything of each other’s they find including power washers, skis, fans, and coffeemakers!

Hollywood Shredder 11/7 8:30pm

Tinsel Town’s largest shredding company has a racy problem on their hands: a client wants them to shred a huge amount of porn mags but their vintage shredder is down and out. Lee and Auguie jump on their motorbikes and rip it to Hollywood to fix the shredder. This is one repair job where they don’t mind getting their hands dirty. But when it rains it pours, and the company’s new shredder has choked up on MGM film reels, so the boys are going to have to run double duty to get the company back on track. Back in Portland, Chris and Jon are making pianos sing with the sweet sound of shredding – but Jon has become a little more attached to the old ebony and ivory keys than he’d like.

Shredder on Wheels 11/21 8pm

A huge junkyard in Portland has everything from cars to trucks, from trailers to tractor parts, from fridges to stoves and even bulldozers - anything that can be sold for scrap metal. But to make scrap metal, they need to travel between their three junkyards to shred the material. They can’t afford the time or the money to make a shredder from scratch, so Lee convinces Auguie to make the impossible possible: there’s an old mobile shredder sitting in pieces at the shop, and if Auguie can resurrect the old beast it’ll shred anything the junkyard throws at it. If they can’t get it up and running, the project gets scrapped. Back in Portland, Chris needs to make his mother-in-law a suite at his place, but that means the games room has to go – including his foosball, air hockey, and pool tables. A game challenge is extended between Chris and Jon: whoever loses the tabletop match is on cleanup, and neither of these guys like losing.

Mega Crusher 12/5 8pm

The Mega Shredders guys don’t always shred. Sometimes they crush. Dave is the Crush King, and he’s got a massive compactor to build. Not wanting to be outdone, Lee is building a monster machine for a Texas billionaire that can shred 40 tons of scrap metal an hour. Everything really is bigger in Texas. While Lee’s Texas monster is shredding up a storm, Dave has a huge design challenge installing the block-long crushing machine in Salt Lake City, Utah. Back in Portland, the boys are shredding up a storm and crushing cars.

Heavy Metal Shredder 12/12 8pm

The largest urban mining company in the world is looking for brand new shredder. The machine needs to do twice as much work as the one they have now. Lee steps up to the plate and the team gets to work on a one-of-a-kind shredder to deal with the mountains of electronic scrap that the plant receives daily: cell phones, hard drives, photocopiers and circuit boards. This is geek heaven, but it can quickly turn into hell if the team drops the ball and lose their biggest client. Meanwhile, Chris and Jon are back in Portland, playing a little game of “Shredsketball”. The winner gets bragging rights, and the loser gets their balls shredded.

Hell Shred 12/19 8pm

In Arizona, a massive stainless-steel shredder at a copper smelting plant has gone down. It shreds molten copper and sulphuric acid 24/7, but now the acid has started to eat it inside out and they’ll lose 3.5 million dollars for every day that its down. The pressure’s on, and Lee, Bob, and the team have their work cut out for them in their race against the clock to fix the shredder. Meanwhile, Chris and Jon are having a race of their own back in Portland - they’ve got motorized wheelchairs, electric scooters, go-cars, ATVs, and pocket bikes. They race against each other to see who’s got the fastest wheels on the block, but if one of them loses their cool someone’s rid is getting shredded!

Shredder Under Pressure 1/16 8pm

The team is down in Georgia to fix a shredder that deals with alloy car wheel rims – all made of aluminum. Now the boys are heading south to fix the shredder, but no one knows why. Auguie has a hunch it’s the blown out oil pump, but facing their dreaded nemesis head-on will be more difficult than even they expected. Back in Portland, it’s Shred Your Stuff day. The whole Mega Shredders team brings anything and everything they want to shred with the weirdest and wackiest shreds taking the trophy. The boys don’t disappoint, bringing all sorts of crazy material including pink flamingos, a drum kit and an inflatable raft.

Double Trouble Shred 1/23 8pm

In Calgary, Alberta a man has a revolutionary idea – he’s going to take piles of trash and turn them into cash. He wants to shred a construction waste site, salvage all the good bits, and sell them. Lee and the team need to build their first ever two-tier shredder while the junk keeps piling up, and if the boys don’t figure out something soon they’ll be swimming through garbage. Once the team gets the new shredders up and running at the site, veteran install guy Auguie is called out to help when one of the machines starts going haywire. Meanwhile, Chris and Jon are having some fun back at the shop with remote control cars, launching them off of ramps and getting some big air before they meet their demise in the shredders!

Goldshredder 1/30 8pm

In Portland, Jon is having a tough time getting chips out of the vending machine – and nobody gets between Jon and his chips. Chris and Jon decide to take matters into their own hands and shred the vending machine whole! Meanwhile, Curt’s at SIMS in Chicago, where Ralph wants to build a machine that can shred computer circuit boards into dust to extract the gold. The boys have never built a shredder like this before and when Ralph shows up to test it, the shredder springs a gold leak! In Seattle, Dave the Crusher King is gearing up to impress a client with one of his most powerful compactors ever built, so he comes up with a crazy plan to crush an entire boat!

Shred Countdown 2/6 8pm

A Kansas City cement plant is forced to snuff out its gigantic furnace while Brillo rebuilds their shredder from the ground up. He’s working furiously to get the specialized twin-shaft shredder back online as mountains of waste pile up in need of shredding. He’s feeling the heat - without the shredder, the furnace stays cold and the cement plant forfeits hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. Back in Portland, Chris is driving Jon mad with a cuckoo clock, so Jon decides its time to shred. He throws it into the shredder, along with some Grandfather clocks – anything to stop the tick-tock.

Demolition Shredder 2/13 8pm

A monster shredder at a Californian demolition company with enough teeth to eat up buildings operates around the clock, crunching its way through wood, metal, glass, and drywall – materials that it wasn’t originally designed to deal with in such high volume. It keeps going down, so the client calls in Auguie to save the day. This is no easy fix, but with an entire building about to be demolished, Auguie has a deadline to meet. Hopefully he won’t collapse under the pressure. Meanwhile, back in Portland, a young fan of the Mega Shredders has come all the way from Newtown, CT to watch the boys at work. So Chris and Jon get busy, shredding toilets, bathtubs, and toys as the Shredhead-In-Training watches on.