Mega Shredders Cast Bios

Auguie Henry

Auguie Henry is the kind of dude you want on your side when the going gets tough. He spends over 200 days a year on the road doing installations of big badass shredders that need a guy with both brains and brawn to install them. With a shred cutter tattoo and a serious obsession with these metal machines built to destroy, Augie’s a Shredder for life and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris Schuett and Jon Allen

Chris Schuett and Jon Allen run the build shop at Mega Shredders Central – the most critical department on the shop floor. Big Jon is Chris’ wingman and “best frenemy”. These two are constantly rivalling each other and competing to build and test the colossal shredders.

Even though Chris is the boss, that doesn’t stop Big Jon from showing Chris up at every opportunity he gets. While Chris has a more chill personality than the loud and brash Jon, there’s no missing his quick hands and quicker wit when these two are going head to head on one of their many shredding challenges.

Lee Sage

Lee Sage is the Shredder Whisperer – when one of his high profile clients calls him after a shredder goes down, he’s first on the scene to assess the damage. He only needs a moment alone with the hulking machine to hear its creaks groans and figure out what’s wrong. Then the team gets to work making sure it can get back to tearing up whatever stands in its way. Lee’s the lifeline of the team and keeps the shredders running all year around.

Brillo Blakely

Brillo Blakely is the master shredder installer on the team - averaging over 250 days a year on the road, Brillo can handle absolutely any curve-ball a down shredder can throw his way. And when you’re dealing with thousands of shredders on all seven continents, curve balls are easy to come by. Brillo’s gruff, rough, and definitely tough, but has a laugh that melts the hearts of even the surliest clients.

Bob McLeod

Bob McLeod is the wizard behind the highly customizable machines designed to shred anything and everything. He’s the best of both worlds - a hands-on engineer and a braniac who’s rightfully reserved his place in Geek mythology. He solves the team toughest problems on the fly in the shop, working hands-on with the assembly crew. Bob’s part brains and part brawn, and all shred.

Tom Garnier

Tom Garnier is the leader of the Mega Shredders team. He’s spent the last thirty years ago building it into the global shredding powerhouse it is today. His shredder smarts and blue-collar roots breed cultish loyalty in his legions of employees, and he’s the unstoppable force that’s made his team the go-to for shredding needs the world over.