About the Show

Mega Shredders takes you deep into a world unlike any other, where maverick engineers and master tradesmen build monster machines designed to destroy the indestructible. For the Mega Shredders team down in Portland, Oregon, each day is a new challenge, and a new shred. They make industrial shredders in the most extreme environments imaginable – each one tailored to the job at hand, designed to cut through anything other companies can’t get rid of – from cars, trucks, tractors, and trailers to rollercoaster rides and pinball machines – there is nothing that can’t be shredded.

Each shredder is a custom work of engineering art – a hulking million-dollar piece of machinery taller than a house, weighing close to fifty tons, with dozens of huge blades designed to shred anything it can get it’s claws on and ripping through it’s weight in material on a daily basis. Industries around the world rely on these metallic beasts to operate 24/7, 365 days a year - if they go down for even one day companies stand to lose millions of dollars.

Each episode follows the all-too-real ups and downs of the Mega Shredders team as they navigate a world few even knew existed before now. The men who build these monster machines are known to never back down from a challenge – which is why they’re the go-to team for all jobs too dangerous, hardcore or just plain crazy for the competition. There’s the Shredder Whisperer Lee, Brainiac Bob, gruff and rough Brillo, badass field tech Auguie, big boss Tom, Crusher King Dave and best frenemies Chris and Jon on the Mega Shredders assembly floor. Together, the Mega Shredders team will tear through anything that stands in their way as they tackle super high-stakes jobs in some of the nastiest environments on the planet.

Every episode follows the boys as they head out somewhere in the world to build a new shredder or repair one they’ve already installed – mixed in with a competitive challenge between Chris and John back at the shop. Packed with real-life stakes, the series follows the Mega Shredders team living their jobs the only way they know how – forever pushing their limits and never passing up a challenge. We’re there to witness all the on-the-fly feats of engineering as the team beats the ugliest of odds, painstakingly building each shredder 100% custom to the challenge they’ll meet in the field, and huddling to devise plans of attack for shredding hazardous chemicals, highly combustible materials, dangerous acids and the toughest metals known to man.

Through the trial-by-fire world of industrial shredding, every episode uncovers the true grit of the Mega Shredders team as they build and repair their awe-inspiring machines all over the planet. However they pull it off, they always comes out on top, ready to shred the next unshreddable.